Choosing a Cosmichrome System For Your Needs and Budget

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Choosing the right Cosmichrome system for your needs and budget.

These videos will help you decide which Cosmichrome system is right for you.

With more than 26 years in business our superior chemicals and machines made us the spray chrome choice of the top professionals and companies in the business. West Coast Customs, Counting Cars, Counts Kustomz, General Motors, Andretti Autosport, JDX Racing to name a few.

Each machine is backed up by a one year warranty and the Cosmichrome finish is guaranteed not to turn yellow from sun exposure.

The Master System Pro

The Master System Pro™

The Master System Pro is our patented system designed for professionals that need to be able to coat nearly any size object. The Select e-Gun™ is a revolution in spray on chrome plating. It's lightweight, eliminates mistakes, calibration problems, spraying the wrong chemical and simplifies the spray on chrome process.

A built-in self cleaning washing system makes maintenance quick and easy.   Add an additional Select e-Gun can be added for extra large parts. The additional Select e-Gun™ is optional and can be added at a later date when your business expands. An optional heater keeps the chemicals at proper operating temperature in cold weather.

The Master System Pro™ is capable of accomplishing all of your plating needs. Expertly engineered to help you achieve a perfect chrome finish, our Master System Pro™ is designed to provide you with accuracy and precision each and every time. Designed to be scalable, it allows you to apply the Cosmichrome® plating solutions on small, medium and large surfaces.

The Mini System Pro

The Mini System Pro™

The Mini System Pro is designed for only small parts up to about the size of a helmet or hubcap. It's great for 3D printing shops, fishing lures, models, small car parts and similarly sized objects. Your imagination is the only limitation to what you can do with Cosmichrome. The compact Mini System Pro is designed specifically for those with the need to coat small surfaces and for low production.

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