Metalforming / Electroforming

Conductive Paints for Electroplating

What is Metalforming or Electroforming?

Nearly anything non-conductive item can be electroplated by the metalforming process. This includes organics like leaves flowers, sea shells, sand dollars, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, and plaster. First the part is coated with one of our conductive metalforming paints. After the metalforming paint is dry. the part is dipped into immersion tin to increase conductivity. Then copper plated in our Copper Mirror. Copper plating is a slow process at first and typically requires at least a few hours to build up a bright and shiny copper layer. After that it is nickel plated, and finally gold plated. One can also finish it any other decorative metal such as platinum, rhodium, or silver. The process yields a mirror bright finish. All Gold Touch, Inc. jewelry plating chemicals are 100% cyanide free and arsenic free.

The conductive paint is in two versions. The acrylic water based version, Metalform A, for dipping and brushing is available in 1 ounce and 6 ounce bottles. The lacquer based version, Metalform L, for spraying or dipping is sold in 4 ounce jars. Larger sizes are available upon request.

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Metalformed non conductive parts

  • Available in water based acrylic 1 ounce and 6 ounce (Metalform A) jars and lacquer based (Metalform L) in 4 ounce jars. The acrylic is best for dipping and brushing and the lacquer is ideal for spraying.

    6 oz Metalform-A
    6 oz Metalform-A
    Water base conductive paint for brushing or dipping

    4 oz Metalform-L
    4 oz Metalform-L
    A Lacquer based conductive paint for spraying and dipping

    1 oz Metalform-A
    1 oz Metalform-A
    1 oz. Water Based conductive paint for brushing or dipping