Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Machines-

Patented Spray Chrome System

Spray chrome machines must apply a balanced application of the spray chrome chemicals. This is absolutely critical to the successful coating of the Cosmichrome spray chrome metallic layer. The Cosmichrome e-Gun Select™on our Master spray chrome machines carries our precise engineering to an even higher standard of performance. Electronic operation of the e-Gun Select provides simultaneous and instantaneous balanced plating solutions in a proper spray pattern which is necessary for a flawless finish.

This level of performance and precision is not possible with old fashioned guns manually operated with dual needle valves. These old technology guns do not provide a reliable and balanced spray of solutions. This causes stains, streaks and blotchy plating. These old guns are commonly used by our competitors because they are readily available for the adhesive application industry but they make for inferior plating guns. They require frequent calibration and one never knows if the needle valves actually open the same amount and at the same time. All these problems are eliminated by the e-Gun Select.

Our Master System Select Pro also has built in cleaning systems to thoroughly clean out your gun at the end of the day and returns unused chemicals in the lines back to the pressure vessels for use the next day. Maintenance takes only a few few minutes and you don’t have to remove the tanks and clean them every day. The cleaning system takes care of that for you!

The e-Gun Select is reliable, precise, easy to use, lightweight and produces the finest chrome finish possible.

  • Simple to Use
    One Gun Does it All
  • Activator
    Step 1
  • Rinse
    Step 2
  • Plating
    Step 3
  • Rinse
    Step 4

One gun does it all. Just press the red select button to go to the next step. The LED lights indicate each step in the process. Green=Activator, White=Rinse, Red and Blue=Plating, White=Rinse.

  • The e-Gun Select is easy to use and makes learning the process relatively simple. Just press the trigger to spray. Press the select button to take the gun through each step in the plating process. A set of colored LED lights on the gun indicate to the user which process is being applied. 

    The e-Gun Select is also lighter weight yet made of a tough plastic resin that is chemical proof. It is durable but easy on the arm. 

    The Master system comes with one e-Gun Select and an optional second e-Gun Select for twice the plating capacity on large parts. Most people will find the single gun system adequate. A second gun can easily be added later if needed. 

Optional Accessories

Extra Large Nozzles
Second e-Gun Select™
Water De-ionizing system
Spray Booth

Cosmichrome Chemical Heater

Price View Saves money in the cold season by heating Cosmichrome chemicals to proper operating temperature within minutes. Saves money by reducing chemical consumption and improves the product finish.

Chemical Heater Installed on the Master System Select

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