Gold Brush Plating Systems and Chemicals

The Leader in Mobile Brush Plating Systems for 26 Years

We sell a complete line gold brush plating chemicals for mobile gold plating systems and brush plating systems. We’ve been in business since 1993. Most of our competitors have long since gone out of business. Our reputation for innovation, quality and fair prices are well earned over nearly three decades.

We offer both cyanide and non cyanide gold plating chemicals.

Our patented OneStep ® Gold (One Step Gold) Solution that plates directly on chrome emblems without the need to chrome strip.

We also carry the conventional gold solution that requires chrome stripping too. (Appears purple in the bottle).

Gold solutions are available in liquid or gel.

We stock chrome stripper, nickel activator, nickel, silver, rhodium, black rhodium, black and copper plating solutions.

We no longer sell our pulse platers. The cost of manufacturing them was no longer economically feasible. We still supply all the accessories and chemicals for your gold plating system.

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  • Three Liquid or Gel Gold Solutions Available

    • OneStep® Gold
      US Patent# 6312580
      Adheres directly to chrome! No need to waste time chrome stripping car emblems. 24 kt. Cyanide based. Our most popular gold. Available in gold gel or liquid.

    • Purple Gold
      High performance cyanide based, cobalt hardened gold. Stripping is required. Available in gold gel or liquid 24 kt.

    • FreeGold®
      Contains no cyanide or arsenic. Chrome stripping is required. 24 kt. Available in gold gel or liquid

    Optional Chemicals

    (not included in special)
    • Chrome EZ®
    • Black Pearl
    • Silver
    • Bright Nickel
    • Copper Mirror
    • Copper Primer
    • Magic Activator SS
    • Gold Stripper
    • Platinum Free™
    • Rhodium

    Find our plating solutions for tanks and beakers here HERE

  • What is Pulse Gold Plating?

    Exclusively through Gold Touch Inc., our Mobile Brush Plating Systems utilize pulse technology which provides a harder plate and finer grain structure for longer lasting plating. Rapid burst of level current actually cause the gold finish to be harder and more wear resistant than old fashioned rectifiers. Our patented AC750 systems are faster and more powerful than our competitions conventional type rectifiers, and all feature automatic polarity reversal for mistake proof plating. All of our Pulse Platers are optimized for use with our Patented OneStep® Gold solution. Instead of taking 40 minutes to gold plate the emblems on an average car with the three step chrome stripping method, you will be able to gold plate that same car in less than 15 minutes-over 3 times faster! By leaving the chrome in place, you also protect against corrosion of the emblem should the gold ever be removed or damaged.

    Our mobile gold plating cart is the industry's only self contained, heads up plating system. The machine is in front of you rather than behind and under a seat where it is difficult to see and control. The chemicals are only inches from the car emblem ratherthan down on the ground by your feet. This minimizes waste, dripping, and back strain.

    How does it work?

    Brush plating is type of electroplating. Instead of dipping the part to be plated into a chemical solution the solution is applied with a special brush. Electricity bonds the gold to the substrate. Yes it is real 24k gold.

    Pulse Plating is an exclusive feature of Gold Touch, Inc. Pulse plating produces are harder gold plate and finer grain structure.


    • Patented Mistake Proof Electronics
    • Automatic Polarity Switching
    • Programmable keypad controller. Remembers your favorite settings.
    • Speed and Durability
    • Gold plate right on the car
    • Patented gold solution plates over chrome.
    • Faster than competing systems. .
    • Pulse plating technology produces a harder gold plate.

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