Gold Brush Plating Systems and Chemicals

The Leader in Mobile Brush Plating Systems for 26 Years
We manufacture a complete line gold brush plating chemicals for mobile gold plating systems or brush plating systems. We've been in the business since 1993 and most of our competitors have long since gone out of business. Our reputation for innovation, quality and fair prices is well earned over nearly three decades. •Our gold formulas are concentrates. We don't dilute them to lower the price. You will be able to plate more parts with our gold solutions than with less expensive diluted gold formulas. •We manufacture both cyanide and non cyanide gold plating chemicals. •Our patented OneStep ® Gold (One Step Gold) Solution that plates directly on chrome emblems without the need to chrome strip. •We also carry the conventional gold solution that requires chrome stripping too. (Appears purple in the bottle). •Gold solutions are available in liquid or gel. •We manufacture chrome stripper, Gold Plating Chemicals, One Step Gold Solution, One Touch Gold Solution, Brush Plating Chemicals, Electroplating chemicals Gold Gel, Liquid Gold, Nickel Plating solution, Copper Plating Solution, Chrome Stripper Solution, Nickel Activator Solution, Rose Gold Solution, 14k, 18k and 24k gold solutions, Anodes, Anode handles, Anode covers, Anode Swabs. Lead wires. We no longer sell our pulse platers. The cost of manufacturing them was no longer economically feasible. We still supply all the accessories and chemicals for your gold plating system. Call us to order and get current prices. (216)-941-7400

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