Non Cyanide Gold Plating Chemicals and Conductive Paints

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<h2>Cyanide-Free Gold Plating Chemicals for Jewelry, Tech, and Crafts</h2>

We manufacture the Tivian™ brand of electroplating chemicals. Tivian™ chemicals are complete line of cyanide-free gold plating, electroplating chemicals, and conductive paints. Tivian products have been used by jewelers and other platers concerned about using cyanide for more than 30 years. The TivaGlo-Free gold solutions are available in 24, 18, 14 karats and Rose Gold. No cyanide is used in the manufacture of these gold solutions and they are totally cyanide-free. They are not hazardous for shipping purposes under DOT and IATA regulations. These chemicals are available private labeled for wholesale distributors.
Tivian non-cyanide gold solutions have been used as the top cyanide-free solutions for nearly thirty years. The gold solution is available in 24k, 18k, 14k, and rose gold. Each without any cyanide. We also offer a variety of cleaning, prep, and plating solutions too.

We offer friendly and knowledgeable tech support and look forward to helping you with your plating needs.

Basic Gold Plating Instructions

The basic process to plate jewelry in gold is to start with a clean object. Use an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner first. Then, use our Electroking™ electro-cleaner solution for one to two minutes and then rinse. Soak the part in Activator-T for one minute then rinse. Lastly, plate it in the gold solution of your choice then rinse and blow or air dry. Detailed plating instructions will be provided if you’d like Each bottle label has instructions for that chemical.

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1 L Beaker Plating Kit For Gold

Cyanide-Free Gold Plating Solutions for Bush, Pen and Beaker

Gold plating solutions completely free of cyanide. They really work!

Cleaning and prep solutions for electroplating

Activator (mild pickle solution) Electrocleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Stainless Steel Activator, Gold Stripper

General Electroplating Solutions

Cyanide-Free Silver, Bright Nickel, Bright Copper, Cyanide-Free Copper Primer, Immersion Tin Plating Solution

Electroforming Conductive Paints and Plating Chemicals

Materials for electroplating non conductive objects like seashells, sand dollars, flowers etc.

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