Tank Plating

What is Tank Plating?

The Mega Platers are our exclusive line of modular, turn-key plating systems. They come in a variety of sizes from 5 to 50 gallons. Custom designed systems are available to fit your specific plating need. They have built-in waste water recycling so you never discharge waste down a sewer system!

If you have very specific plating requirements, our plating engineers will research your requirements and design a custom system for you. Larger and smaller systems are available. If you would like a custom system quotation, click here, fill in the requested information on the form, and our engineers will design a system to fit your needs.

Complete Turnkey Megaplaterâ„¢ Systems start at only $29,000.00


  • All systems include ecologically friendly closed loop rinse water recycling.
  • Zero drain discharge makes compliance simple.
  • All chemicals, heaters, pumps, anodes, rectifiers, and filters are included.
  • Systems are compact in size, taking about as much space as an office desk

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