Alternative Chrome Creations

In a world where customer satisfaction is declining Alternative Chrome Creations (ACC) would like to recognize Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome for their innovative Products, Continuous Product Improvements, Outstanding Customer Service and Partnership,   Simply Superb!   No, this is not a paid for testimonial this is being written on behalf of a small company which began on a beer budget, by a few individuals who had full time jobs and who were blinded by what we like to refer to as SOS “Shiny Object Syndrome” and an obsession for classic and antique vehicles.   We saw the opportunity to repair, restore and create new possibilities for those who possess a similar interest (for some this may be also known as a curse).   Nevertheless had it not been for Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichromes superb products, customer service and partnership, ACC would not be enthusiastic about our future let alone writing a testimonial. Instead we would have had to close our doors after having invested years of effort and money working with another product which failed our customers and ACC.   We will not mention the other product nor should they be recognized as a competitor as from our perspective there are by no means any similarities.  It is our experience and undeniable opinion that Quality, Value and Customer Service are attributes unique to Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome and their outstanding crew.

Thank you Terry, Frank, Xiomara, Abner, Jimmy and the rest of the Gold Touch, Inc., Cosmichrome  crew. Words alone do not express our sincere gratitude for each of you, Due to your continued innovation and commitment to your customers we are looking forward to an Incredibly Bright future.   ACC

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