Ed Persike

Both Terry and Frank are interesting people.  They are old school.  They are not flashy or high rollers.  They are simply men of their words.  The product works.  They provide technical assistance.  I have visited them at their facility in Cleveland.  It is very simple,  really basic.  It is a sales office with storage and nothing more.  All of the people at the shop work.  They are smart articulate and honest.  Best of all, the product works.

We gold chromed the JDX Racing American LeMans for Hertz. Our finish withstands what can only be described as chrome hell.  Grit, sand oil and dust is pushed against the finnish of a car going 150 MPH.   Other than some scratches the coating is solid.  Now the Florida folks had a car in practicing for the Indy 500 and the chrome peeled off of the vehicle and the car was black flagged.   I saw the pictures on the internet.  It was really quite interesting. Cosmichrome is used on all the Andretti Autosport Indycars and it has never failed.
Cosmichrome works on big and little things.  We have done the X-Game motorcycles for Suzuki, furniture, airplane parts, endless bumpers and car parts, engine, whole cars, odds and ends.    Yes we are satisfied customers.  The product performs.  It is just that simple.  Both Terry and Frank are men of great integrity.  They are honest and hard working.
Ed Persike
Sacramento California


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  1. Randy hundley Reply

    Thanks, getting ready to invest and wanted 2 know what people thought of the system

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