Safely and easily remove the spray chrome metal without harming the base coat.

Cosmichrome keeps minor mistakes from becoming disasters.

Cosmichrome is the only spray chrome that allows you to safely and easily remove the spray chrome metal without harming the base coat. If you notice a defect in your plating you can just remove the silver with bleach, then re-spray the Cosmichrome! No need to sand and re-apply the base coat!

Touching the base coat of competing spray chrome products is forbidden. Touching the base coat ruins their base coat finish and it will have to be sanded and re-applied. This drawback can add days to your project, sanding and waiting for base coat to dry. Cosmichrome allows you to simply remove the metal layer and re-spray the metal. This is a major technical advancement in spray chrome. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while.

Achieving a perfect chrome spray plating is easy when you remain aware of all the parameters that can have an impact on the results. Like all professional paint projects, these parameters range from temperature, humidity, dust, fingerprints, and so on. Thankfully, there is a way to salvage your part without having to sand your part and re-apply the base coat! Bleaching the base coat to re-plate a part is easy to do with Cosmichrome BCL base coat.

Bleaching A Part For Re-Plating




*NOTE: This process can only be done if the Topcoat has not yet been applied to the part.*


The part that needs re-plating will need the plating to first be removed.

We begin this process by saturating our soft blue shop towels into the cup of bleach. After it is well saturated, gently rub the bleach into the part. The chrome should begin to quickly dissolve and reveal the Basecoat underneath. Continue to rub and wipe away the plating until all the plating is removed. Re-soak your shop towel in bleach and remove any residual plating residue. Grab a new shop towel, soak in bleach and wipe down the piece as a final rundown. Now rinse your part very thoroughly with distilled water to remove any leftover bleach. Be aware that any leftover bleach will oxidize the metal and make the product look yellow! So rinse very well!

Now that the old plating is gone, we can prepare the part for re-plating.

Apply Cosmichrome Base Coat Cleaner to the part to clean the base coat for re-plating. Gently rub in the Basecoat Cleaner into the part. Be careful to not apply too much pressure. Now, rinse away Basecoat Cleaner with distilled water.

Now re-flame the part to prepare it for re-plating. After that, apply the A22 Activator solution. This activates the Basecoat for plating adhesion. Rinse again with distilled water, getting rid of any excess A22.

Time for re-plating.

Apply G4 & G5 plating solutions. Rinse with distilled water.

Congratulations! You have successfully re-plated a part!

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  1. Syed Amir Hamza Reply

    I have seen you process it’s really a perfect chrome. I have started work in Pakistan I am stuck on how to safe chrome (topcoat). When I applied the topcoat my chrome went faded or blackish. Please help me


    • gold-touch Reply

      Our Cosmichrome product won’t give you this defect.
      Will the manufacturer of your products help you?

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