Cosmichrome Spray Chrome Systems

The Only Spray Chrome Guaranteed Not To Yellow From The Sun!

Trusted By The Most Demanding Companies!

West Coast Customs • General Motors • George P Johnson Co • Zebco • Storyland Studios • ColorWare • Fisher Price • Whirlpool • Insane Paint • Coat of Chrome and many more.

  • Red Cosmichrome Competitive Pulling Tractor
    By Pete's Rod Nest
  • NFL headquarters desk
    Sprayed in Cosmichrome. New York City.
  • 50 ft Tall Chrome Lombardi Trophy
    Record Breaking Spray Chrome Project in Cosmichrome
  • Indy 500 Winner Ryan Hunter-Reay
    Official supplier of Cosmichrome spray chrome.
  • Cosmichrome Microphone
    Coated by ColorWare, Inc. for Sennheiser
  • Lady Gaga Art Pop Sculpture
    Jeff Koons/Lady Gaga Collaboration

Cosmichrome® is a patented hybrid of paint and plating that allows you to paint a spray chrome like finish on anything from metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and even wood with a mirror-like chrome paint. Cosmichrome is durable enough for many OEM uses. Most spray chrome systems are notoriously difficult to use. Cosmichrome is really different. We have made the process as easy as possible and the most durable coating of its kind.  Now you can even clean the base coat if someone accidentally touches it! This is a really unique and amazing feature. Just wash the base coated part with our new Base Coat Cleaner and a soft shop paper towel. It’s totally safe. No scratches or fingerprints left behind to show in the metal. If you have used a competing system you know that touching their base coats will ruin your part. You have to sand the part down and start over 🙁

Our patented Master System Pro™ machine provides the most reliable and easy to use spray chrome system on the market. It is operated electronically to assure a perfectly balanced spray. It eliminates guessing if the needle valves operate simultaneously and if the fluid volumes are exactly matched.  The Select Gun™ simplifies the process so that just about anyone can learn to spray a stunning chrome finish on nearly any material or part. All the chemicals are sprayed with one gun. Simply click the red select button to proceed to the next step. Our patented technology prevents seemingly random streaks and stains that plague other spray chrome products.

Our customers apply Cosmichrome for companies like General Motors, Cirque de Soleil, Lady Gaga, Disney, The National Football League, American Idol, Sennheiser and Beats, to name a few.

We utilize advanced coating technology such as plasma treatment in our process to simplify the spray chrome process and assure excellent adhesion. Brief exposure to these energized particles alters the distribution and density of electrons on the base coat’s surface and polarizes surface molecules for OEM adhesion of the metal Cosmichrome layer onto the base coat.  This advanced feature is not available competing systems and is just one of our many strengths and advantages. It’s one of the reasons Cosmichrome can be used on race cars, airplanes and helicopters without peeling.

If you have a competing system, there is a good chance we can help you with our superior chemicals and training. Don’t be afraid to call us for help. We have helped many like you that have had poor results with other systems

  • Unique Features

    • Won't yellow from the sun! This problem plagues competing spray chromes. Cosmichrome is guaranteed not to turn yellow indoors or outdoors.
    • Cleanable base coat! Just wipe off accidental fingerprints. If you touch other base coats you have to sand the part down and start over. Our base coat is easy to clean with a soft paper towel and distilled water,
    • Cut and buff our base coat! Eliminate dust particles or runs and other defects without having to reapply the base coat!
    • If you make a plating mistake you can just remove the metal with bleach and reapply it without having to start over again and without reapplying the base coat. Just wash the part with our Base Coat Cleaner to remove the bleach.
    • Tolerates much higher temperatures than any other spray chrome. Up to 350ºF/170ºC. Coat parts in the engine compartment without damaging the coating. (Exhaust parts are too hot, sorry).
    • We utilize advanced coating technology such as plasma treatment in our process to simplify the spray chrome process and assure excellent adhesion. Brief exposure to the energized particles alters the distribution and density of electrons on the substrate’s surface and polarizes surface molecules. This advanced feature is not available in inferior competing systems and is one of our many strengths and advantages. It's one of the reasons Cosmichrome can be used on race cars, airplanes and helicopters without peeling.
    • Cosmichrome top coat dries in 24 hours for light handling. It gets very hard yet remains flexible. It's also much easier to apply compared to competing systems.
    • Cosmichrome G4 and G5 spray chrome solutions are long lasting. 90 days once mixed for the G4. 90 days for the G5 once opened. (no mixing of the G5 is required for simplicity). Competing spray chrome chemicals spoil after one day creating expensive waste. Any left overs must be discarded.
    • Cosmichrome resists peeling, flaking better than any competing product.
    • Meets many OEM automotive paints standards.
    • Meets the European Union's RoHS rules. (Reduction of hazardous substances)
    • US Patent 7,726,589
    • US Patent 8,187,677

  • FAQ
    • Q: Can I use my own paints instead of the Cosmichrome® paints?

      A: No. The metallic coating won't adhere to other primers and other topcoats will not adhere to the metallic layer and will also discolor the metallic layer. Only original Cosmichrome™ coatings will provide intra-coating adhesion, accurate color and durability. You can apply your own paints above and below Cosmichrome™ but they can't be substitued in place of the Cosmichrome™ paints.
    • Q: Is Cosmichrome a new product?

      A: No. Cosmichrome has been on the market nearly six years. Cosmichrome has a proven track record. Our gallery pages show work done by many of our customers over the years. No competeing spray chrome product can match the durabilty and sucess of Cosmichrome.
    • Q: Do I need to apply a name brand topcoat to get good durability?

      A: No. Cosmichrome VU-10 is an automotive quality topcoat. If you decide to use another name brand topcoat over the VU-10 you must let the VU-10 dry at least 3 days before applying another topcoat to eliminate the danger of melting through the VU-10 and which could cause the finish to yellow. VU-10 will not yellow. Name brand topcoats will eventually turn yellow if the touch the Cosmichrome plating layer.
    • Q: A competing system requires I use two separate topcoats and a name brand topcoat. Is Cosmichrome similar?

      A: No. Cosmichrome VU-13 is all you will likely need. If you know your parts will be subject to extreme conditions then consider applying additional clearcoats after the VU-13 has dried at least 1 day.
    • Q: Why do I need a paint facility?

      A: To keep dust out of the coating and to provide a proper working environment.
    • Q. Can it be applied to exhaust pipes?

      A: No, The maximum temperature is 350ºF/ 174ºC. Even electroplated chromium plating will discolor on many high temperature parts. Many plastics melt well below these temperatures.
    • Q. How long does the process take?

      A. Including drying times and baking the process takes about 4 1/2 hours.
    • Q. Can I use infrared lights to bake the paints?

      A. One must be careful to heat the parts evenly and to the correct temperature. Lights tend to heat unevenly. Its better to let the parts dry at room temperature than to heat them unevenly. If you make an enclosed "oven" with a black interior and use the lights to heat the walls of the oven you will have better luck with infrared lights. Use an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the entire part to make sure its being heated evenly.
    • Q. Do I need to be an experienced painter?

      A. Not necessarily. We have plenty of sucessful users that had little painting experience but were willing to learn. Even experienced painters must be willing to learn some new techniques to apply Cosmichrome™. The plating part of the process is not painting and must be learned whether or not you have much painting experience.
    • Q. Is Cosmichrome™ the same product as others I have seen sold by other companies?

      A. No. Cosmichrome™ is made by Cosmichrome™, Inc. in Canada. We have used competing products and found them to be terribly inferior to Cosmichrome™. All Cosmichrome components are made by Cosmichrome, Inc. They do not merely re-label other products.
  • Free Training

    We have training nearly every day by appointment at our Ohio office.
    There are also monthly master classes in our Montreal office too. Just call or email us to set up a free training class.
    Our customers also rely on our friendly expert phone and internet support
    We have support in Spanish, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Swedish and French too.
  • The Process = Three Layers

    1. After the parts are prepped for painting, a proprietary paint is applied. This paint is the Cosmichrome base coat.

    2. When the base coat is dried properly it is plated with Cosmichrome using one of the Cosmichrome machines. The specific plating steps are:

    • a. Plasma treatment
    • Distilled water rinse
    • b. Activator
    • Distilled water rinse
    • c. Cosmichrome® spray application
    • Distilled water rinse
    • d. Speed Seal
    • Distilled water rinse
    • e. Compressed air blow dry.
    3. The last step is our proprietary, non-yellowing top coat. The top coat is applied to protect the finish and apply the colors if needed. The top coat can be tinted to produce many colors like gold, red, blue, black and many more.
  • Guaranteed Not To Turn Yellow

    Tolerates much higher temperatures than competing products. Use inside the engine compartment without yellowing or blistering

    Our base coat is tough. If someone accidentally touches it you can wipe the fingerprints off with distilled water and a damp paper towel. Other products force you to start all over and apply new base coat.

    Mixed Plating Chemicals Last 90 days, Competing chemicals expire at the end of the day. Leftovers are wasted.

    Our base coat can't be over dried. Competing chemicals lose adhesion if the base coat dries to long but look foggy if the base coat isn't dry enough. You can let Cosmichrome base coat dry all weekend or accidentally bake it too long and there is no harm or loss of intra-coating adhesion. In fact the dryer our base coat the better the adhesion and shine.

    Our top coat is simple to apply. Two medium wet coats and you are done.

    Competing systems are plagued with what they call "champagne bubbles". Champagne may sound nice but it will give you horrible headaches. You are forced to apply layer after layer of dry coats of an untinted top coat to prevent bubbles before you can apply a wet coat of a chrome tinted top coat. Then after all that work, eventually your part eventually turns yellow. The yellowing may happen in a few weeks or a few months but it will happen even if the parts are never taken out doors. It's embarrassing and it will make your customers angry. You can do the part over but it will happen again. Cosmichrome top coat will not turn yellow.

    During practice for the 2013 Indy 500 a car coated with a competing spray chrome product had a total adhesion failure. All their chrome peeled off in a big cloud of what looked like glitter. As far as we know it was the first time in history a car was back flagged at the Indy 500 for peeling paint.

  • 20 different colors and you can blend them to create even more variety.

Some Ideas of What You Can Do With Cosmichrome

Shop Carefully!

When shopping for a spray chrome system be sure to do your research. Study reviews on blogs, Youtube and get references. There are many copycat products on the market and none of them provide the technology and quality results of Cosmichrome. We hear from unfortunate people nearly every day about the system they have providing disappointing results. Even if they can occasionally make acceptable looking parts they will likely turn yellow in a few weeks or months. Cosmichrome is guaranteed not to turn yellow, a problem that plagues competing systems.

Cosmichrome Explained in 8 Minutes

Cosmichrome in 8 minutes from Cosmichrome/Gold Touch Inc. on Vimeo.

The e-Gun Select™ is our patented electronic plating gun. It’s included on every Master System. It Makes Plating Easy.

Master System PRO™


A patented lightweight electronic gun (e-Gun Select™) applies all the chemicals. Just press a button to go through the process sequence! This simplifies the plating process and makes it easier to learn. We also introduce these new features for this new system. Built-in Automated Washing System. Cleans out the activator tank, saves plating chemicals, and cleans out the Select Gun starting with just the push of a button. The Activator tank washing system that drains and rinses out the activator tank for you. Chemical filtering. Chemical plating timer to help with cost estimates. A chemical recovery system that reduces waste by recovering chemicals in the hoses instead of washing them out is built in. In addition to all these great new features it still has all the features from our previous Master System.

Mini System PRO™

Ideal for small parts and low production. Plates parts up to the size of a hubcap or helmet. Economical to use yet provides excellent plating performance.

Cosmichrome Spray on Chrome Chemical Packages

Chemical Package 1 Chemical Package 2 Chemical Package 3 Chemical Package 4
Base Coat 5L Base Coat 5L x 3 Base Coat 5L x 6 Base Coat 5L x 10
Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 2 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 6 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 12 Base Coat Catalyst 1L x 20
Chrome Top Coat 5L Chrome Top Coat 5L x 3 Chrome Top Coat 5L x 6 Chrome Top Coat 5L x 10
Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 2 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 6 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 12 Top Coat Catalyst 1L x 20
Activator A22 1L Activator A22 1L x 3 Activator A22 1L x 6 Activator A22 1L x 12
G4 Solution 18L G4 Solution 18L x 3 G4 Solution 18L x 6 G4 Solution 18L x 12
G5 Solution 18L G5 Solution 18L x 3 G5 Solution 18L x 6 G5 Solution 18L x 12
Speed Seal 1L Speed Seal 1L x 3 Speed Seal 1L x 6 Speed Seal 1L x 12